Marketing is definitely an painful process - specifically if you end up spending money on advertising and never seeing any results from your efforts. I'm able to relate with this. I spent a lot of money on magazine and newspaper advertising, and time and time again I would not go to whichever is a result of my efforts. If you're checking same, I understand how this feels.

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Just about the most effective ways to advertise your business whether you have the venture capital or otherwise not, is via joint ventures. Joint ventures can be a type of marketing in which you partner on top of a non-rival business, and you-two come together to boost one another's profits. This is sometimes a win-win situation for parties if you structure the sale properly.

There's this book by Donald Trump called "The Art With the Deal", and it's really all about using joint ventures to improve the sales and profits. You need to reading it as it's a really informative little bit of information which you shouldn't pass by. But if you won't want to purchase this book, there are other informative details on the internet that can be used to launch your first deal.

And talking about launching the first deal, many new company owners used partnership marketing to start out their entire business. This is especially valid on the internet, however the same can be achieved via offline means also. The thing is in case you are just beginning using a product but don't use a list to advertise it to, you've got 2 options:

1) Build a list from effort and sweat

2) Borrow someone else's list

When it comes to joint ventures, you will be doing option number 2. Gathering a person database is hard to do. Selling is difficult, however when looking at endorsing your product or service to your partner's list, you will probably be given a higher conversion rate compared to what you'd have normally achieved without the joint venture.

Probably the most attractive options that come with partnership marketing is that you can gain instant credibility almost overnight. By "piggybacking" on your partner's voice and recommendation, it will give you immense credit since your partner is referring to you in the 3rd person viewpoint. You can even use your partner's voice since the first step toward an entire page ad inside a magazine or newspaper.

I have seen an advertising consultant market their professional services practice via the use of client testimonials. The complete full page ad was set up being a direct mail piece, and also the first step toward the letter would have been to pitch the consultant's services, all while making it look like his services were a step above the rest. Your joint venture letter needs to do the same task.

Get paid to advertise & view websites

If you want to improve your business profits, I do believe the best thing that you can do would be to launch a joint venture. It's fun, fast, easy, and incredibly profitable. I do believe you should start using this technique today if you wish to improve your profits in a rush.